Glass objects in Venice

Realization of glassmasters

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Az Vetri deals with glass objects in Venice in Venice, taking care of everything detail from the design phase to the realization phase up to the sale.

We also run artworks for private individuals on commission, always respecting the artistic tastes of the clientele and guaranteeing excellent results. Venetian glass has always been synonymous with refinement and good taste. The Venetian tradition is rooted in the desire to enhance the flexibility of glass and its ability to be blown and molded, giving vent to the creativity of the glassmasters master craftsman who has no comparisons in any other material.

In our century the wide historical and artistic heritage is enhanced by the production of decorated glass objects inspired by the history of Venetian glass, combining new ones techniques and design with the ability to integrate into any environment, with a classy and sophisticated feature.

All the artworks made by Az Vetri represent unique and exclusive pieces as they are made exclusively by hand and without the help of molds and modern equipment.

The final product is mainly the result of creativity, tradition and craftsmanship. Glass objects made by Az Vetri, tell the tradition of this ancient Venetian craft and represent the passion and dedication for the art of glass. Artisan experts, are specialized in various glass processing, will accomplish the works you want, respecting the pre-delivery date. For Az Vetri is extremely important customer satisfaction.